Ultra Light Titanium AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) Indestructible Black Nitrate KaiserUS TI-7

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Our custom titanium BLACK KNIGHT BCG with proprietary BLACK NITRATE coating lives up to that high standard of quality and performance.

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Kaiser Means Light Weight, High Quality Performance Inside and Out

We believe that lighter can be stronger. When building a better weapon system we think in ounces and we cut weight everywhere we can inside and outside of our carbines using proprietary polymers and space age materials. Our focus is on quality and reliability that you can count on when it matters most. We invent and manufacture lighter, better weapon parts using the latest technology and we go far beyond anyone else in the firearms industry in delivering superior tools for war-fighters, sportsmen and competitors. To achieve a superior firearm we start from the inside and work out. We’re proud to present the premium KSP Ultralight Grade 8 SHCS Titanium direct replacement AR15 fully assembled bolt carrier group (BCG) with professionally staked military specified gas key, machined from upgraded 4130 hardened steel, coated with indestructible Black Nitrate.

We set out to create the best BCG on the market that delivers performance in any environment, even salt water. Every piece is engineered to exacting standards and each part is improved. This KSP exclusive includes a 4340 hardened steel firing pin that’s coated and protected against wear that will last longer than any other on the market.

We manufacture complete rifles for sport, law enforcement and military use that stand up to the most extreme abuse in high threat environments including arid sand and salt water theaters. Torture tested by Veteran Tier One Navy SEAL DEV GRU operators and SDV special operation team members, our products are built tougher, shoot far longer between maintenance, require very little cleaning, no lubrication and are tougher than any other tactical platform on the market. The KSP Ultra Light Titanium Bolt Carrier Group is the lightest weight fully assembled AR-15 internal group for 5.56mm and .223 caliber on the market.

Sub-MOA Accuracy

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BCG MPI C-158 Black Nitride coated BLACK ICE Finishing

Our custom titanium BLACK KNIGHT BCG with proprietary BLACK NITRATE coating lives up to that high standard of quality and performance. With a coating hardness of 2300 Vickers the bolt is protected from extreme use and temperatures and requires no lubrication for flawless operation. This can’t be said for a standard BCG which requires constant cleaning and lubrication. Our BCG is cleaner and stronger than anything else on the market.

Reduced Recoil For Better Follow on Targeting

Like the Navy says, “Light is Right”. A heavy weapon system is a crude answer to reducing recoil. We prefer a more scientific solution that absorbs recoil shock so we’ve reduced the internal reciprocal mass with our newest Ultra Light Titanium Bolt Group by 4.5 ounces to only 7.5 ounces! That’s a significant reduction over a standard low quality steel Mil-Spec bolt system that weighs over three quarters of a pound (12 ounces). This reduction in weight has an exponential and cascading effect on reducing recoil in a firearms system.

To reduce recoil even more see our light weight buffer spring alternative.

TOP FEATURES of our Premium Light Weight Titanium Bolt Carrier

  • Multi Environment Operation: Salt Water, Sand, Dirt Resistant
  • Run Clean Technology: No oil or lubrication required
  • Stronger MPI C-158 Black Nitride Finishing
  • Lighter Recoil, Less Reciprocating Mass
  • Premium Titanium Carrier Black Ice
  • Coating Hardness 2300 Vickers
  • Faster, easy to clean than any other BCG on the market
  • Gas Key staked per Mil-Spec
  • Gas Key machined 4130 Black Nitride
  • Grade 8 SHCS
  • Firing Pin machined from 4340 hardened steel
  • Bolt MPI C-158 Black Nitride coated
  • Ultra Light Weight 7.5oz vs 12oz low quality BCG
  • Standard Mil-Spec
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